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Website Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

This policy supersedes and replaces all prior Web site privacy and confidentiality policies.

APS Healthcare's philosophy and commitment to privacy protection

APS Healthcare and its affiliated entities (hereinafter APS Healthcare) will always use any protected health information (PHI) that you provide to APS Healthcare in accordance with its strict policies and procedures. In order to serve your needs and interests, APS Healthcare uses multiple tools and forms to collect important information on its Web site. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO ASSURE COMPLETE PROTECTION OF YOUR PRIVACY.

Member privacy information

APS Healthcare is committed to protecting the privacy of its members’ PHI in accordance with federal and state regulations. Information regarding your health and the care you are receiving is safeguarded in accordance with the law. In general, APS Healthcare only uses or discloses PHI for limited situations, including, but not limited to, coverage determinations, the payment of claims and coordination of care. However, in all situations APS Healthcare uses or discloses your PHI only as permitted by law or pursuant to an authorization (see link for authorization to release information).

Release authorization

The information APS collects

On its Web site,, APS Healthcare may request your name and certain identifying information if you elect to register for a program or training. APS Healthcare may ask you to identify the company sponsoring your use of certain features on This allows APS Healthcare to report the number of users to the company paying for your use of APS Healthcare’s services.

On its site you are not required to provide any identifying information. You are required to enter your company code and an anonymous username and random password of your own choosing to gain access. APS Healthcare will not request personal information about you when you visit APSHelpLink. Features such as "Ask-a-Pro," feedback, surveys, bulletin board and chat rooms allow free text entry. APS Healthcare strongly advises that you do not include any identifying information or PHI when using any area or feature of

How APS collects the information

Information provided by users

The information APS Healthcare receives depends on your activity when visiting APS Healthcare's Web sites. Registering for trainings, programs and events may require that you provide APS Healthcare with defined information, enabling APS Healthcare to enroll you and/or contact you. APS Healthcare also collects certain types of anonymous information (provided voluntarily) on its Web sites. On some APS Healthcare Web sites, you can complete surveys, ask APS Healthcare’s health professionals questions or participate in one of APS Healthcare’s online forums or chat rooms.

Information provided by care providers

For some programs, properly registered and authenticated providers may submit case information, make requests for authorization to deliver services and view previously provided case information. APS Healthcare may also make claims payment status information available to these providers via the Web.

Log Data

Log data is information sent by your browser such as your computer's IP address, pixel code, referring HTTP location, search string, time of the access, browser's time, any searches made on the applicable website, and other statistics.

Information collected by your Web browser – cookies

"Cookies" are files that are saved on your computer to assist your browser in performing certain tasks and remembering prior activities. APS Healthcare may place cookies on your computer to gather your log data (see above) to measure aggregate  statistics on the use of our website, to allow us to review and improve usage, service and functionality. APS Healthcare cookies do not use or report any information that will identify you or your individual activites. You can instruct your browser to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit, by changing its options. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all portions of this Site or all functionality of Services.


Collection of information by third-party sites and sponsors

Third-party sites and sponsors do not have the ability to collect personal information from the computer you are using when you are directly viewing an APS Healthcare Web site. To provide you with the best services possible, APS Healthcare may make third-party sites available to you through APS Healthcare Web sites. If you have identified yourself to an APS Healthcare Web site, APS may pass the company code, username and password you provide to its partner sites when you elect to visit these sites from within an APS Healthcare Web site. This information identifies you as a valid customer, eligible to receive services at these sites without requiring you to log on to the site separately each time you view the site. Once you have entered these third-party sites, the site’s system may require you to divulge your name, phone number or address in order to provide you with the service you are requesting. APS Healthcare collects only data about utilization of these Web sites and DOES NOT COLLECT OR LINK BACK ANY SPECIFIC IDENTIFYING INFORMATION FROM ANY THIRD-PARTY SITE.

Banners and links to other sites

APS Healthcare cannot control the activities of any third parties once you leave its Web site. If you click on a link or banner to leave the APS Healthcare site, this privacy policy does not apply. Some linked sites may collect information about users. Please check the banner ad's web site to determine its privacy policy. APS Healthcare may have arrangements with third parties who provide or track sponsored links that APS Healthcare believes may be of value to you. APS Healthcare does not permit these third parties to collect personal information from you without your explicit permission. However, if you have questions about the privacy policies of such third parties, APS Healthcare suggests contacting the third parties directly or visiting their Web sites to review the site’s posted privacy policies.

Linked sites

Links from APS Healthcare to other sites are provided for your convenience only. By clicking on these links, you leave APS Healthcare's Web site and APS Healthcare's privacy policies no longer apply. APS Healthcare is not responsible for NOR DOES IT endorse the privacy practices of its linked web sites. APS Healthcare's users should consult the linked sites' privacy notices because APS Healthcare doesn't have control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties.


Account revisions, revoking and deleting personal information

You may request to review, correct, update or delete personal information that you provide to APS Healthcare at any time. It is APS Healthcare’s policy that all such requests be made either in writing or via the phone. If you request to delete your information, APS Healthcare will not use it for any purpose except where required by applicable laws, regulations or medical practice standards.

How information is used

The information you provide on APS Healthcare's Web sites is used in the following ways:


Chat rooms/email address

APS Healthcare provides access to public and moderated chat rooms and bulletin boards. APS Healthcare may monitor these and remove materials it deems inappropriate or not relevant. APS Healthcare may temporarily or permanently block users whose postings APS Healthcare finds unsuitable, inappropriate, incorrect or libelous.


Voluntary feedback and survey questionnaires are used to determine and improve APS Healthcare’s services to its users.



APS Healthcare may provide newsletters and announcements to groups and individual users. Newsletters are provided on a periodic basis as a service to various member groups. General announcements regarding APS Healthcare’s services will be sent as needed. Announcements that are specific to a particular group will be provided at the request of each group according to the contract. Specific announcements to individual users will be in response to a specific request by each user.

Use of non-personal and aggregate information

APS Healthcare sometimes uses non-personally identifiable or "aggregate information" that it collects to improve the design and content of its site, to help APS Healthcare personalize your APS Healthcare experience and to provide general information to companies providing APS Healthcare services to the company’s employees, members or associates. APS Healthcare will not disclose PHI to any third party. However, APS Healthcare may disclose aggregate data to third parties. APS Healthcare may track the total number of visitors to its sites and the popularity of each area or page. APS Healthcare may combine health-related information that you give APS Healthcare with information that other users of its sites give to APS Healthcare in order to create "aggregate data." Aggregate data is not information that could be used to identify you or contact you.


Disclosure of the information

No identifiable information from APS Healthcare’s Web site will be used for any promotional or marketing purposes, or transferred to any third parties for marketing or sales purposes

Unauthorized disclosures

APS Healthcare maintains a strong commitment and strict policies regarding protecting your privacy. However, you are solely responsible for your choice in providing information on APS Healthcare’s Web site. APS Healthcare is not responsible for any disclosure of information on your part that is not consistent with this policy.

Your computer

The computer you use may "cache" pages, saving pages that you have visited, and store the addresses you have gone to in a list of most recently visited or frequently used sites. APS Healthcare has no control over this process.

APS Healthcare employees

All APS Healthcare employees, contractors and subcontractors working for APS Healthcare have to read, understand and agree to follow its privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures and its security policies and procedures.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding APS Healthcare's privacy policy and/or practices, please contact APS Healthcare at this email address:


Policy is subject to change

APS Healthcare's privacy policy, like the online medium itself, is subject to change. APS Healthcare will update this policy to show any changes that it makes.

Last reviewed: February 20, 2009