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*CareWebQI Maintenance Downtime*

CareWebQI will be down for maintenance every Thursday from 5:01pm MST to 7:00pm MST. It should not be accessed during this time.

**CareWebQI supported browsers**

Internet Explorer (IE 8 - 10), Chrome and Safari 6.0 are currently the only supported browsers for CareWebQI. Other browsers such as FireFox or IE 11 will result in errors if used with CareWebQI. These errors will prevent us from being able to review your PAR as it will come across corrupt. We are currently testing other browsers and hope to expand our supported browsers in the future.  

***CareWebQI Inactive accounts will be disabled***

The ColoradoPAR Program will continue to monitor account activity and help to prevent PHI/HIPAA violations by disabling all accounts that go inactive for a 6 month period. Please continue to submit Termination Forms as soon as a staff member leaves your company to help prevent accounts being utilized after the fact.